Old Game Maker Games Archive

This is an attempt to archive all Game Maker games from the old official site's Games Showcase page.
Game Maker is not required to run any of the games, I made sure they're all easily playable out of the box.
All the games that come as an installer have been extracted, with the installer still included in the package.
Games made in Game Maker 6 and 6.1 have been patched to run on modern computers. Still, I can only confirm that all the games run fine on Windows 8, I haven't tested them on other machines.
Games marked as "Editable" still contain an executable, but also provide the source file (gmf, gmd or gm6).
If you can provide any of the missing games (the ones with red background), or want a game removed, please contact me at .
The files are also available on Mediafire.
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2023-10-12 - Found 17 missing games.

Game Maker 3

Game Design Course 2000-2001

Game Maker 4

Game Design Course 2001-2002

Game Maker 4

Game Design Course 2002-2003

Game Maker 4+

Game Design Course 2003-2004

Game Maker 5+

Game Design Course 2004-2005

Game Maker 6